• DIET SNACK: Also known as alsi seeds, these flax seeds can keep you fuller for a longer time & decrease your mid-meal cravings. They can also support fat loss & reduce your sugar craving, thus helping you maintain your diet.
  • FIBRE RICH: Roasted Flax Seeds are laden with dietary fiber (21g per 100g) & are laxative in nature. Dietary fiber regulates proper bowel movements & prevents digestive problems like constipation & irritable bowel syndrome.
  • SUGAR LEVEL: Lignans help in controlling blood sugar & build up insulin sensitivity in glucose-intolerant patients. It also improves fasting blood sugar levels & also reduces your sugar cravings.
  • SKIN HEALTH: As it is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which are all great for the skin health.
  • BLOOD FLOW: Flax seeds lower the LDL levels and averts the formation of plaque in arteries, thus helping in maintaining steady blood flow. It also reduces the risk of hypertension.


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