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The Xavia’s Premium Makhana 800gms

Phool makhana are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. This makes them an ide 659.00 Add to cart

The Xavia’s premium Rasins 800gms

100% Natural and high quality Kishmish Good in taste, dense source of ene 280.00 Add to cart

The Xavia’s Premium Flax Seeds 800gms

DIET FOOD: Also known as Alsi seeds, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds contains alm 210.00 Add to cart

The Xavia’s Premium Sunflower Seeds 800gms

VITAMINS LOADED: Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds can help in preventi 650.00 Add to cart

The Xavia;s Premium Pumpkin Seeds 800gm

DIET FOOD: They are a rich source of healthy fats & packed with dietary 789.00 Add to cart

The Xavia’s Premium Walnuts 800gm

Rich source of energy as it has got all the minerals, nutrients, antioxidant 1,200.00 Add to cart

The Xavia’s premium Cashews 800 gms

100% Real nuts- good for an active life style Low glycemic Index High 1,000.00 Add to cart

The xavia’s premium Almonds 800gms Pack

Net Weight: 800gm 100% natural & best in quality. They are a very 675.00 Add to cart
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